Golden Beef of Northern Ontario

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Cooking Instructions
 Golden Beef is a premium product that is younger and leaner than conventional beef. In order to enhance the eating experience, use the following methods to retain its juiciness and tenderness.


Quickly sear the meat over a fierce heat.  Reduce heat afterwards;
Once the steak is on the cooking surface (pan or BBQ grill) do not move until it is time to turn it;
Turn meat over with a pair of tongs.  Pricking the meat with a fork will extract the flavorsome juice and make the meat dry.

Ground meat

Make meat patties flat enough so that you won’t have to crush them on the grill or in the pan;
The “juice” should not come out of the patties because it is precious and it keeps the meat juicy and tasty.


For lean meat, cook on low heat (Max 200-250 F) to prevent it from drying;
The front pieces (ex: blade roast, cross rib) will be better if covered while simmering (Braise);
You can brown the meat prior, to keep the juices, therefore you will have a flavorsome juicy piece of meat.
Forage fed, Hormone free, Antibiotic free