Golden Beef of Northern Ontario

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Golden Beef help the local economy?
Yes - Golden Beef is a value chain where every link in the chain supports the economy of northeastern Ontario.  From the beef producer, to the packer, to the retailer, all Golden Beef activities are based in the northeast.

Are there environmental benefits to eating Golden Beef?
Yes - The forage crops (pasture and hay) grown to feed Golden Beef animals are perennial, meaning they do not need to be planted every spring.  This means less fuel is used to grow the feed.  Also, forage crops protect the soil from erosion and create a healthier soil due to their extensive root system.  Finally, forage crops take carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) out of the air and store it in soil organic matter.

Are there health benefits to eating Golden Beef?
There is research to indicate that beef raised on forages, especially green pasture, have higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for human health.

Do Golden Beef animals receive antibiotics?
No - Golden Beef animals cannot receive antibiotics.  Golden Beef producers rely on low stress management practices, a healthy diet,  plus vaccination against common diseases to produce healthy animals.

Do Golden Beef animals receive hormones to make them grow faster?
No - no growth promoting hormones of any kind can be administered to Golden Beef animals.

What are Golden Beef animals fed?
Like all beef animals, Golden Beef calves are initially raised on their mother’s milk.  However, the only additional feed Golden Beef animals receive is forage in the form of pasture, dry hay, or hay crop silage.  No grain (i.e., corn, barley) is fed to Golden Beef animals.

What is Golden Beef?

Golden Beef is a unique premium beef brand that is young and tender.  The cuts are leaner than traditional beef and also smaller to suit today’s lifestyle.

Where is Golden Beef Produced?
Golden Beef animals are born and raised on farms in northeastern Ontario.  Currently, farmers from New Liskeard to Iroquois Falls are participating in the Golden Beef program.

Forage fed, Hormone free, Antibiotic free